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saneparanoia asked:

May I ask what the Slave Gnome Story is? It sounds interesting!


We were visiting my Uncle Rob, and my cousins Katie and Tyler. 

Katie wanted to play Sims more than she wanted air. This was… 2001? So she was…. 11? 12? So my uncle gave her special permission to stay up late after dinner and play The Sims until she was tired. He figured she’d make it to eleven, midnight then toddle off to bed on her own.

She was still playing when we woke up at seven. 

The monstrosity she had created was a work of brilliance. She had a family of 8 sims, each with their own little “corridor” consisting of a sink, a fridge, a recliner, a toilet, a counter, and a gnome carving station. They were forced to carve gnomes, over and over and over, until they passed out or peed themselves or were starving. Then she would allow them a meal, or a wash in the sink, or a pee, or a nap in the recliner. No paint on the walls, dirt floors. 

Her entire lot was gnomes. Everything was gnomes. She was selling these, what, $2 gnomes and actually getting rich off of it. It was nothing but gnomes. No doors. No windows. 


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